Shoulder The Responsibility | Liability of a Leafless Life

Shoulder The Responsibility Of Your Life


“Give the shoulder and be the holder”, often said by favorite teacher and mentor to me whenever I was in a need of boost in my tough times during my doctorate. Anything that is the responsibility on the shoulder is also the ‘liability’.

The word liability refers to the meaning that goes from the responsibility of anything to the state which can bring the problems with it. Yes, responsibilities bring a burden on the shoulders of the bearer. It brings problems with it. Its pressure can be spine breaking sometimes.

When you are leafless, it means you are yourself a liability. You don’t have anything to spare. You lost everything ornamental and fancy in the winter of life. That glitter was your pride, it was your clothing and it made you what you were.

In the chilling winds of winter, those ornaments lost their value, rusted away, snatched away from you and you left standing with bare stem and branches. You feel ashamed of your condition now. You are like you are dead. No sign of life! No clue, what to do now?

Analyze! Weather that brought chills and cold winds was under your control? That abscission of your belongings was under your control? If yes, then definitely you could have or would have done something to stop it or at least slowing its rate.

If not, then why you stand like a morgue. Be patient! Weather will change. It’s for sure because it’s the rule of life. Things change around us. They have been changing since time immemorial and they will change in the forthcoming times too.

If you are not destined to perish away. If your time is not over on the face of this earth then you will lose and gain till the end of your time. These crests and troughs will follow each other throughout your stay here.

While you encounter the toughness, all you have to do is to stand tall and wait for the good warm weather to return and present your shoulder to the responsibility that is assigned to you by the terms and conditions of the time going on.

It is also said that good things happen to those who wait and Almighty also helps the patient ones. Patient one makes a firm shoulder for responsibility.

The last line will work perfectly for you if you are a believer. You will regain your ornaments, your leaves, and hence your beauty and presentable look and also your confidence. Remember, patience is the key to open the lock of good times and you will not be a liability anymore. Your shoulders will tell the story of your firmness and victory in life.

– Ahmad Abdullah Khan

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  1. Chandra kala

    So true and very beautifully penned

  2. Urooj Fatima

    Kaafi umda and motivating 🍁

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